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Ag Businesses Groups Support Innovation

00:00AM Oct 16, 2008

Sara Muri, Farm Journal Business & Crops Online Editor
Meeting global food and energy needs may be a lofty goal, but the Alliance for Abundant Food & Energy is hoping to reach that mark. The Alliance aims for this mission by using innovation and technology, says Mark Kornblau, the group's executive director.
"Innovation has always been an important part of agriculture's history and it's a cornerstone of the mission of the Alliance,” Kornblau says.
Kornblau says the U.S. grows four more times of food today than in 1930, and that production is happening on a third less land.
"Thanks to the amazing innovations that American farmers are utilizing we can meet these growing global twin demands of food and energy,” he says. "Each of our companies is proving that every day.”
For example, Kornblau says, these companies are fostering innovation worldwide in the following ways:
  • Monsanto is aiding African farmers through their Water Efficient Maize for Africa program, which will develop new maize lines that are more drought-tolerant.
  • DuPont is introducing better quality seed in areas such as West Africa and Indonesia.
  • ADM is working hard on the Ivory Coast for farmers to attend field schools to learn the most advanced farming techniques.
  • John Deere's program, Solutions for World Hunger, is operating with the ultimate goal of eliminating world hunger
Moving Forward
After the elections, Kornblau says, the Alliance will be releasing a specific list of what their group thinks the new administration can do to boost productivity and meet the growing demand around the world for food and energy.
Just this year, the Alliance companies have donated more than $6 million to support innovation through the World Food Prize, an award that honors the achievements of individuals who advance human development by improving the quality, quantity or availability of food in the world.
The Alliance for Abundant Food & Energy was founded by ADM, John Deere, DuPont and Monsanto. It formed in July 2008.
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