AgriLabs Introduces Colostrx 130 Colostrum Replacer

12:09PM Dec 11, 2008
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AgriLabs introduces Colostrx 130 Colostrum Replacer, a complete replacement option for maternal colostrum. Colostrx 130 Colostrum Replacer contains a full 130 grams of globulin protein protection in every dose, the most of any other available colostrum replacer.
When calves don't receive adequate amounts of high-quality colostrum during the first few hours of life, they experience failure of passive transfer (FPT) and miss the life-saving benefits of immune proteins. Maternal colostrum can also directly transfer many diseases such as Johne's disease, tuberculosis and bovine leukemia virus (BLV).
"Colostrx 130 Colostrum Replacer is not a colostrum supplement, but a true replacement product for maternal colostrum that provides the highest available level of globulin protein protection,” says David Zehendner, AgriLabs business unit manager. "So, whether the producer is facing a calf that's too weak or stressed to suckle, a herd that can't provide a disease-free source of maternal colostrum, or lack of time and available labor, Colostrx 130 Colostrum Replacer provides the perfect solution.”
FPT in newborn calves is defined as a blood IgG level of less than 10 m g/mL at 24 to 48 hours after birth.
"And, research shows nearly 20 percent of all dairy cows fail to produce colostrum yielding enough IgG globulin proteins to enable passive transfer,” Zehendner says. "Calves that experience FPT are more likely to become sick or die in the first two months of life than calves with adequate immunity. Feeding Colostrx 130 Colostrum Replacer helps ensure every calf receives a consistently high level of globulin protein and totally eliminates the risk of feeding colostrum that is contaminated with bacteria or diseases such as Johne's, BLV, BVD and Mycoplasma.”
Colostrx 130 Colostrum Replacer is highly concentrated, easily mixed in two quarts of warm water and requires only a single feeding. The individual, foil-wrapped packets make feeding simple and convenient. For best results, administer with a nipple pail, bottle or esophageal feeder within 24 hours after birth and then follow a normal feeding program.
"Colostrx 130 Colostrum Replacer is a wonderful way to get calves off to a great start by ensuring they receive consistently high levels of disease-free globulin protein derived from the same source that enriches natural colostrum,” Zehendner says.
AgriLabs is an animal-health sales and marketing organization with distribution throughout the United States. Through technology transfer and cooperative development agreements, AgriLabs has introduced a number of state-of-the-art products to the beef and dairy industries.
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