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Blogs from the Top Producer Frontier Study Tour

16:10PM Sep 30, 2008

Greg Vincent's Top Line Blog:
  • Opening EU Doors
    In today's world of high-speed Internet, teleconferences and technology, it's amazing how much good a face-to-face meeting can do. It also lets you see how much commonality exists when it seems differences can be so great among producers throughout the world.

  • Frontier Tour Initial Impressions
    I just arrived back in the United States from the 10 day Top Producer Frontier Study tour in Europe. We visited Brussels and talked with key lobbyists and farm organizations for the European Union in the trip that was sponsored by the United Soybean Board. After two days there we headed to Ukraine where we visited farms and saw first hand the development taking place in his former Soviet state.

  • The Legacy of Lenin
    It's going to take at least a generation to leave Vladimir Lenin's legacy behind in Ukraine. Maybe more. Seeing the effects of communism also drives home the importance of the lessons each of us leaves for our family and our community.