CWT accepts six more export bids

12:00AM Oct 14, 2008
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      Cooperatives Working Together announced today that it accepted six export assistance bids last week for the sale of anhydrous milkfat, butter, and whole milk powder. 
      Four bids were accepted from Dairy Farmers of America of Kansas City, MO, three of them for the following AMF exports: 120 metric tons (264,555 lbs.) to Mexico; 18 metric tons (39,683 lbs.), also to Mexico; and 16 metric tons (35,274 lbs.) to Jamaica. A fourth bid from DFA was accepted to export 20 metric tons (44,092 lbs.) of whole milk powder to El Salvador. 
    Two bids were accepted from Darigold of Seattle, WA, for separate butter exports to Japan, in the amounts of 1,950 metric tons (4.3 million lbs.) and 850 metric tons (1.9 million lbs.).
     CWT will pay an export bonus to the bidders, only when delivery of the product is verified by the submission of the required documentation. 
    With these accepted bids, CWT's total 2008 export obligations are: butter, 18,176 metric tons (40 million lbs.); cheese, 1,426 metric tons (3.1 million lbs.); whole milk powder, 1,130 metric tons (2.5 million lbs.); and anhydrous milkfat, 5,603 metric tons (12.3 million lbs.). The milk equivalent total of these products is 1.27 billion pounds.