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Change medication bottles quickly

00:00AM Sep 08, 2008

Change medication bottles quickly with the Prima Marc bottle mount vaccinator. This vaccination gun allows the vaccine bottle to attach directly to the syringe, eliminating the line feed tube. Increase vaccine effectiveness and lower animal stress with quicker vaccinations. Operators can vaccinate one-handed for greater mobility and quicker response to animal reaction.

The vaccinator also has an injection-site marker to that the animal has been injected and where the injection site is located. Now standard on all models, an adjusting thumbscrew locks each can of marking paint solidly in place. The paint usually remains for 10 days or more, depending on environment conditions. The Prima Marc bottle mount vaccinator is useful for beef and hog operations and carries a lifetime guarantee. Retail prices vary. Contact: Prima Tech USA, P.O. Box 336, Kenansville, NC 28349; (910) 296-6116;