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Cowherd nutrition tips for September

00:00AM Sep 08, 2008

Dale Blasi, Kansas State University Extension beef specialist, offers these nutrition tips to help the cowherd in September.

1. Provide ample amounts of clean, fresh drinking water.

2. Consider limited-intake creep feeding if:

  • Drought conditions develop and persist.
  • Range conditions limit milk production.
  • Creep feed/grain prices are relatively low.
  • Value of gain allows for economic benefits.

3. Tips for successful limited-intake creep feeding:

  • Limit duration to last 30 to 75 days before weaning.
  • Limit intake to less than 2 pounds/head/day.
  • Use an ionophore or other feed additive to maximize efficiency.
  • Protein level should be equal to or greater than 16%.
  • High salt levels may help limit intake, but can be tough on feeders.

4. Prepurchase bulk rate winter supplementation needs prior to seasonal price increases.

Click here for more management tips from Blasi in the K-State Animal Science newsletter (pdf).

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