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Credit Crunch Coverage by Farm Journal Media

00:00AM Oct 28, 2008

Managing the Financial Crisis Webinar
Watch the "Managing the Financial Crisis" webinar. Speakers for the webinar included: Pete Arendt, Bank of Oklahoma; Chip Flory, Editor of Pro Farmer; and Bret Oelke, Farm Business Consultant and Extension Educator at the University of Minnesota. It originally aired on Monday, Oct. 20.

How the Economy Crunch Could Affect Your Farm by Sara Muri
Riding the current agricultural economy's rollercoaster may be tossing and turning a little more than you'd like. The last few weeks have brought continued plunging in the commodity markets and an extremely weak dollar. While it's hard to determine what the future may hold, you should be aware of the ways your farm might be affected.

Cost and Availability Concerns for Credit by Greg Vincent
Agriculture producers could have used a longer runway to be able to coast into this apparent economic downturn. But with commodity prices experiencing a significant sell off recently and concerns about credit availability and costs of credit becoming an issue, the landing appears to be more of a tail hook stop on an aircraft carrier than a greaser on a  mile-long runway. 

Global Economy Collapse? by Sara Muri
Will the bleak U.S. economic picture spread across the globe? While the total impact of the current economy crunch in the U.S. is still yet to be seen, you are probably wondering how it will affect your farm. Darrel Good, University of Illinois Extension marketing specialist, and Pat Westhoff, FAPRI international affairs program director, provide insight on the unstable economy.

Markets are Ready to Buy by Linda Smith
It seems like business as usual at grain elevators, according to Darrel Good, University of Illinois Extension economist. "I haven't heard of any [credit-related] issues.” Grain prices well off their highs mean the need for less cash than they anticipated this summer, he points out.

Elevators Grow More Cautious by Jeanne Bernick
Mix the collapse in the financial markets, newly restricted credit and volatile commodity prices and you get the potential for higher margin calls for grain elevators – so high that some may not be able to pay them.

Wall Street's Wildfire by Linda Smith
Recessions are like forest fires—they clean out the underbrush so the forest emerges with a new start. So sayeth Jim Rogers, author of bestselling investment books (A Bull in China, Hot Commodities, Adventure Capitalist, Investment Biker), cofounder of the famed Quantum Fund, and commodity trader.

October 2008 Top Producer 

Effects of Credit Crisis on Ag Industry Detailed in University Study by Editors
How the current financial crisis affects agriculture and changes decision-making for producers is detailed in five new reports released by the University of Illinois Department of Agricultural and Consumer Economics.

Five Ways to Protect Your Farm in the Economy Crunch by Sara Muri
The current state of the U.S. economy may have you a little nervous about the financial future of your farming operation, and probably for a good reason. "It is not business as usual,” says Allen Lash, of Agrisolutions in Brighton, Ill. "This is a new world for farm people.”


Audio Reports
Secretary Schafer's Discusses Current Ag Issues by Sara Muri
U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Ed Schafer spoke at a monthly St. Louis Agribusiness Club meeting yesterday, Oct. 9. His remarks covered many current agricultural topics, such as the current economy crisis, renewable fuels and free trade. Listen to his remarks as he discusses the current economic crisis. 


Herd on The Street by Greg Vincent
The weakening agricultural bubble of the past few months has surely popped if the mood I've seen these past three day in New York City is any indication. The herd of investors in agriculture stocks and commodities apparently can't get their money out of agriculture fast enough.

Can the credit crunch hit agriculture? by Chip Flory
I was thinking … there's really not much more to think about right now than everything that's happening in the credit crisis around the globe. 

What's the deal with my bank?... by John Phipps
First, one crucial aspect of bank involvement in the credit crunch is oddly, size.  Small banks like mine operated the way we tend to think of banks working:  take in deposits and make loans to customers.  These banks, especially if they were small AG banks (mostly ag loans - operating, machinery, and even farmland mortgages) are correct in saying they are in great shape. Nonetheless, I believe they are mistaken if they think the credit crisis will not reach them, if only in a good way (for the banks).  Here's how. 

Watching the wrong fire... by John Phipps
I am becoming more convinced we are captivated by the NYSE since the video and price ticks provide a steady "scoreboard" experience for anxious viewers.  But unfortunately, this isn't our biggest threat, I think.  It remains the credit markets - largely misunderstood by most people until their employer can't make payroll of finance inventory.