Deere Intros New Nutrient Applicator Line

12:00AM Aug 11, 2008
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An Farm Equipment Special

John Deere is introducing their new 2510 Series line of nutrient applicators, engineered for efficient and high-speed nitrogen applications in an environmentally sound manner.

"We've designed these tools for different applications and are introducing the following new model configurations," says Dave Wendt, product manager, John Deere Des Moines Works. "The 2510H is for high-speed application with low soil disturbance, the 2510C is for conventional application, and the 2510S is for strip-till/conservation tillage applications.

The highly-productive 2510H Nutrient Applicator features a revolutionary new design that allows operators to cover more acres in less time, at field speeds of ten miles per hour. Equipped with precision-injection technology, it's capable of applying anhydrous ammonia at high speeds with minimal soil disturbance.

"These field speeds enable productivity rates approaching 40 acres per hour," explains Wendt. "This level of productivity translates to 20 to 50 percent more revenue generated per hour than a similarly sized conventional applicator."

Wendt continues, “The 2510H Nutrient Applicator delivers three-season capability. In the fall, it applies anhydrous in 200-bushel cornstalks at 10 miles per hour. The disk openers cut and size the corn residue and allow for smooth crop flow through the machine. In soybean stubble, the low soil disturbance keeps residue intact and minimizes soil erosion during the winter and the following spring." During preplant applications, the 2510H moves quickly in and out of fields without making a mess. Low-disturbance application maintains seedbed integrity and reduces the need for additional tillage passes.

"Sidedress season is when the "big bar" productivity in a compact row-crop package really pays off," says Wendt. "Due to the low-disturbance design of the applicator, it's able to apply anhydrous soon after planting and triples the typical sidedress application window. This allows the operator more time and flexibility in the field to complete sidedress applications."

Another addition to the nutrient applicator lineup is the 2510C Conventional Applicator that comes in both 13- and 17-row configurations. It's designed with a heavy-duty frame to maintain machine stability in rougher conditions. Tandem Walk-Over™ wheels allow smooth performance up to eight mph, and excellent transport dimensions ensure safe, efficient travel from field to field.

Two final configurations for the new applicators are the 2510S Residue Master™ Strip-till, which was introduced last year in a 12-row model, and the 2510S Medium-Residue Strip-till. The 2510S Residue Master is designed for high-yielding corn-on-corn applications. The new medium-residue strip-till applicator is designed for light residue conditions such as soybean stubble.

"Both versions of the 2510S Nutrient Applicator are available in 12- and 16- row configurations and are able to size residue, place nutrients, and create an excellent seedbed," emphasizes Wendt.