Defining ‘Agripreneur’

08:35PM Feb 11, 2010
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  1. Everybody starts from zero. (63 sec)

  3. Never give up. (95 sec)

  5. Do whatever it takes. (33 sec)

  7. Teamwork is the key to success. (19 sec)

  9. Take good care of your employees. (36 sec)

  11. Farming is a business. (28 sec)

  13. Keep an eye on the future. (27 sec)
If ‘agripreneur' were listed in the dictionary, the definition would read like a page out of Chad Olsen's biography. Chad is an extraordinary agribusiness owner, and an aspiring agripreneur would be hard pressed to find a better mentor.
Chad and his wife Pam own Olsen Custom Farms, LLC. They custom harvest from Texas to Alberta, have a cattle/grain operation in Southwest Minnesota and they rent a convoy of combines. Chad started out, right after high school, with 16 cows in a rented barn. (More on Chad's story.)
He has clearly defined his objectives, does not quit in the face of adversity and respects the contribution of others. In a recent visit, he shared a few keys to his continuing success:

If the keys to succession and creating a lasting legacy are a solid business plan, supported by good leadership and clearly defined objectives, Chad and Pam are well on their way. You can follow them through the harvest season at