Dewatering centrifugal technology

12:00AM Sep 16, 2008
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Systems introduces the high efficiency Centrisys Dewatering System to the agricultural market.  The XACT Systems Centrisys Dewatering System is an industrial centrifuge manufactured since 1987 with units operating 24/7 around the world in municipal, food processing and industrial applications.  Now dairyman can access this same high performance dewatering technology to separate solid manure from the liquid. Recent tests on a large dairy showed the XACT Systems Centrisys Dewatering System removed an average 77% of solids from the liquids (documented by certified laboratory), and an average 62% of the phosphorus from the liquids. 

By removing the majority of the suspended solids, dairymen may never need to use a drag line to clean out settling ponds thus providing substantial savings and they may in fact be able to virtually eliminate these settling ponds.  The small amount of solids remaining in the liquid should break down quickly in the waste water lagoons.  Much of the odor coming off these lagoons comes from the large volume of decaying solids.  Tremendously reduced solids in these lagoons should mean reduced odor, happier neighbors, state, county and air quality regulatory people.

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