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Farm Bureau launches animal care initiative

00:00AM Jul 24, 2008

The American Farm Bureau Federation (AFBF) announced yesterday it has launched a Conversations on Animal Care initiative to address consumer concerns about the care provided to farm animals in the production of meat, milk and eggs.


Conversations on Animal Care is a comprehensive effort that supports farmers and ranchers who are eager to engage consumers in a positive dialogue about animal care, AFBF said. The initiative also helps livestock producers share positive and personal insights on the care they provide farm animals.


The initiative puts the faces of farmers and ranchers on the nation's livestock care issues as they demonstrate that the animals they care for produce safe, healthy food for Americans, according to AFBF Public Relations Director Don Lipton.


A major component of the Conversations on Animal Care initiative is a training program that teaches producers to share their stories effectively, help them find an audience and amplify their message of dedicated care of livestock. During two days of training, participants hone skills in sharing their personal stories with local audiences, the media and in one-on-one opportunities. They also learn of the important role on-line tools play in communicating to consumers.


Visit, the Conversations on Animal Care Web site, to find out more information and read spokesperson testimonials.


Catherine Merlo is Western editor for Dairy Today. You can reach her at