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February Milk Production Up 0.1%

15:06PM Mar 18, 2010
Dairy producers hoping for some good news out of USDA's milk production report this afternoon didn't get it.

USDA says February milk production in both the top 23 dairy states and the country as a whole was up 0.1% over last year. Cows numbers also climbed another 3,000 in February compared to January, but are still down 201,000 head from a year ago.
California reported its milk production down 1.6% from a year ago. Cow numbers trail last year by 65,000 head, but remain unchanged from February. Arizona production dropped 6.8% from a year ago; Colorado was down 8.3%, and Florida, down 5%. Texas was also down 5.4%, with cow numbers down 20,000 head from a year ago.
Wisconsin milk production is up 5.7% and cow numbers are up 5,000 from last year. Washington is up 6.9% in milk and 6,000 in cows. Idaho is also reporting rebounding production, up 3.7% from last year. Idaho cow numbers are up 3,000 over a year ago, and 1,000 head more than last month.
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