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Frequently Requested Farm Journal Articles

00:00AM Sep 15, 2008

Enjoy the following often-requested articles from the archives of Farm Journal. Contact Mary Rulinski at 215-557-8745 or for other archival questions.

What Is A Farmer? Farm Journal, February 1962
Farmers are found in fields—plowing up, seeding down, rotating from, planting to, fertilizing with, spraying for and harvesting if. Wives help them, little boys follow them, the Agriculture Department confuses them, city relatives visit them, salesmen detain them, meals wait for them, weather can delay them, but it takes Heaven to stop them.

How to Listen to a Husband The Farmer's Wife, April 1967
The average farmer is a champion among worriers. He frets about uncooperative weather, high taxes, the cost-price squeeze and how to make a good livelihood.

Dear Me, It's Deer Hunting Season Again! Farm Journal, November 1967
Farm wives, to action! Make up that extra bed. Stock the freezer with baked stuff. Kill the last of the heavy roosters. It's November again!

To a Son on Mother's Day Farm Journal, May 1970
Once I lay in labor clutching friendly hands and breathing deeply and yearning for the end; when the fog lifted a small form lay in my arms and it was mother's day.

The Parable of the Oldest Son Farm Journal, Mid-March 1980
Once upon a time, the oldest son took off his overalls, packed his high school diploma and his scholarship papers into a bag and went down the stairs of the farm house.

A Mother's Reflections on Graduation Day Farm Journal, May 1982
Well, Lord, we made it. It's high school graduation time, and you and she and I are still alive and on speaking terms. Amazing!

The Best Trucks Don't Glisten in the Sun
Farm Journal, May 1986
I knew the end was finally near when she could barely turn over one chilly October morning. It was a long-time coming, and I hated to admit that the old pickup had finally reached the end of her road.

How To Bag Slob Hunters Farm Journal, October 1986
Your fantasy comes true. For once, a rude, inconsiderate "sportsman” reaps his due reward.

A Valentine's Day Story Farm Journal, February 1991
Kathryn first laid eyes on Happy Jackson in 1930. She was girl of 18, a schoolmarm come to teach in the one-room schoolhouse that sat just down the lane from the Jackson ranch.

Farming With The Biggses Farm Journal, January 1993
We descend on the field across the fence from where you are working and harvest in four hours what you hope to accomplish in an entire day.

Mud Wrestling—Biggs Style Farm Journal, January 1994
It was a wet spring in our part of the country, and we were planting corn well into June. The last acres to be planted were a farm Junior, Daddy Biggs's oldest son, rented late last winter—320 acres that straddled a small, wooded stream, 11 miles from the home place. At $95 an acre cash rent, Junior called it "The Bargain.”

The Ultimate Torture: Being Sent "For Parts” Farm Journal, September 1994
Parts stores are a mishap of modern society. Whoever designed them must have had a morbid sense of humor.

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