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Headline Fungicide Fact Sheet: Corn and Soybeans

21:43PM Mar 21, 2007


  • Headline® fungicide (active ingredient pyraclostrobin) is a fungicide in the strobilurin family. Active on all four major classes of foliar disease causing fungi, Headline provides broad-spectrum disease control, which delivers key plant health advantages.
  • Key plant health advantages include improved growth efficiency, enhanced stress tolerance and excellent disease control.
  • In 2006, Headline delivered an average yield benefit of 12-15 bu/A in more than 1000 on-farm comparisons in corn, which was relatively uniform across yield ranges. While varying by local conditions, the results showed a positive return on investment from a planned application of Headline.
  • In soybeans, at 750 on-farm locations throughout the Midwest in 2006, growers saw an average yield advantage of 4-8 bu/A more on Headline treated soybean acres. This yield advantage produced a positive return on investment across the spectrum of stress conditions.
  • Applying Headline fungicide gives growers peace of mind that all they invest in the success of their corn and soybean crops (seed, rent, fertilizer, insecticide, herbicide inputs) will be protected and potential output per acre maximized.
  • Growers who made a planned application of Headline are seeing the advantage it brings to their bottom line. In locations all across America, growers report seeing a visible difference in disease control and Plant Health. The result is healthier plants with energy focused on yield production and not on fighting disease. This proved to be especially true under stress conditions.
  • Better standability, stronger stalks, more pods and increased yields are also being reported from individual fields across the country this harvest. This is the advantage of Headline at work.
  • Headline® fungicide provides powerful plant protection against all the mid-to-late-season foliar diseases in corn, including gray leaf spot, common and Southern corn rust, Northern corn leaf blight, Northern corn leaf spot, Southern corn leaf blight, anthracnose and yellow leaf blight.
  • Headline protects against the major foliar diseases in soybeans, including anthracnose, Cercospora leaf blight, Septoria brown spot, frogeye leaf spot, Alternaria leaf spot, pod and stem blight, rhizoctonia aerial blight, as well as Asian soybean rust.
  • In 2006, Asian soybean rust was detected in over 274 counties in 15 states.
  • Headline provides the longest lasting and most effective preventative Asian soybean rust control available.


Always read and follow label directions.
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