Headline earns the trust of aerial applicator

08:33PM Aug 07, 2007
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As a custom applicator for more than 15 years, Dean Mehlhaff of Ipswich, SD, has seen a lot of changes. And the one that makes him the most optimistic is the introduction of Headline® fungicide. In his mind, applying Headline is one of the best things you can do for your crop.

Starting with powerful disease control, Headline opens the door for plant health™ benefits like the potential for higher yield, improved stress tolerance and enhanced harvestability. "The results speak from themselves," he says.

"As far as I’m concerned, it’s a superior product," he said. "When we use Headline, we see a much healthier plant. The farmers always see the difference in the treated and untreated fields. That’s why I’m staying busy."

Dean Mehlhaff
Tri-County Ag Service, Inc.
Ipswich, South Dakota

Even skeptics are quickly becoming Headline users. One wheat grower was convinced by an unintentional side-by-side comparison. Mehlhaff was spraying the fungicide on a field and was unable to get under the power lines to spray the end of one field.

"The farmer called me and said that he had rust in his field," said Mehlhaff. "I went out to look, and there was rust right under those power lines. When we walked three feet into the field, it was just green and beautiful with no rust. That farmer is a believer now."

Mehlhaff recalls his initial fungicide application in the region several years ago. "One customer decided to apply a fungicide," Mehlhaff said. "The neighbors were sitting around the coffee shop one day and laughing at this guy for spending the extra money on fungicide. Well, one of the guys worked at the elevator. He stopped laughing and told the group, ‘yeah, but he always has more yield than you do.’ That’s when we started getting more orders to spray fungicide."

Mehlhaff says now all his customers are using a fungicide, and the product he recommends is Headline.

Mehlhaff knows the importance of customer satisfaction. And he’s seen the value that Headline can create. And in his mind, the two go hand in hand. That’s why he’s optimistic that his positive experience with Headline on wheat will translate into solid results on other crops, like corn and soybean, and in more satisfied customers.

"If the farmers can see a benefit to putting Headline on, they’re going to do it," says Mehlhaff, who applies Headline almost exclusively in his business. Judging by the number of corn acres he’ll be spraying this year, growers are starting to see the fungicide’s bottom-line value on a range of crops. "They may have laughed at that first wheat grower who used a fungicide all those years ago, but now they’re all doing it."

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