Independent field trials confirm the strong return on investment of Headline fungicide

04:09PM Jun 24, 2008
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New free publication summarizes the results

Headline® fungicide use across the Corn Belt jumped significantly last year and third-party research shows there's good reason for the increase. The fact is, Headline pays.

Much of this momentum is based on the product's outstanding disease control and Plant Health benefits. Enhanced growth efficiency, improved stress tolerance and an easier harvest help provide a strong return on investment (ROI). Last year alone, 1,150 on-farm trials conducted across the United States showed an average profit increase of $58 to $84 per acre for corn growers and $36 to $96 per acre for soybean growers. That's a four-fold return on investment based on current commodity prices.*

Now, recent third-party field trials have further validated these ROI findings. So now you can count seed companies, universities and other chemical companies among those who have seen the real value of Headline. Click here to download the Headline Independent Research Technical Information Bulletin and see for yourself.

*Estimates based on Chicago Board of Trade July 2008 corn futures of $6.50 per bushel and July 2008 soybean futures of $14.57 per bushel on June 6, 2008. Costs of $20 per acre for product and application are included.

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