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Introducing Ignite herbicide

00:00AM Sep 19, 2008

Firing up your yield protection choices


"Ignite is a different mode of action for killing weeds, so we won't get herbicide resistance out there. We've had Roundup for years, and we've had weeds that have grown resistant to it. LibertyLink crops—especially now with LibertyLink soybeans— will mean we don't have to use Roundup on corn and beans. It gives us more choices.”

Larry Jacobson
Farmer and LibertyLink Seed Producer
Maxwell, IA

Ignite herbicide is the only nonselective alternative to glyphosate. As a powerful contact herbicide intended for use on all LibertyLink® crops, Ignite controls more than 120 broadleaf weeds and grasses, including tough-to-control ALS- and glyphosate-resistant weeds in corn, cotton, canola and soybeans.

"Ignite is a new, more powerful, cost-effective formulation for use on all LibertyLink crops,” says Andy Hurst, Bayer CropScience product manager for Ignite herbicide and herbicide- tolerant traits. "Ignite and the LibertyLink trait allow growers to effectively manage weeds while continuing to farm the way they want.”

The mode of action Ignite offers is unique. It's a contact killer, and growers will see the results quickly—in days, rather than weeks. Ignite provides postemergent control of ALSand glyphosate-resistant weeds, waterhemp, giant and common ragweed, morningglories, pigweed, velvetleaf, cocklebur, woolly cupgrass and volunteer Roundup Ready corn. There is no case of documented weed resistance to Ignite worldwide.

For best management, Ignite should be applied when weeds are no more than 4 inches tall. Ignite requires good spray coverage at 15–20 gallons per acre. In addition, Ignite can be tankmixed with most other crop protection products, including residual herbicides, to further protect your farm against weed resistance issues.

"In our research at this point in the season, we have observed excellent weed control with Ignite on LibertyLink soybeans. This is because we are managing the system as it is supposed to be; we are spraying small weeds and ensuring good coverage with adequate application volumes,” says Kevin Bradley, weed scientist, University of Missouri. We have also evaluated a variety of programs that include a preemergence herbicide followed by a postemergence application of Ignite. These are all factors that ensure the LibertyLink soybean system works effectively.”

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