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Introducing LibertyLink Soybeans

00:00AM Sep 19, 2008

Filling the Missing Link in your production cycle

"LibertyLink soybeans are going to fit great in a rotation where glyphosate resistance is an issue. Even if we don't have glyphosate resistance, having LibertyLink soybeans in rotation with our glyphosate programs is going to be a great fit. We feel like it will extend both technologies.”

Jeff Armstrong,
Seed Production Manager
Cullum Seeds LLC, Fisher, AR

Farmers have to make tough choices on genetics, weed management and production decisions. The good news for growers is there are new options. When LibertyLink soybeans debut for the 2009 growing season, another nonselective herbicide-tolerant trait will be available.

Corn, canola and cotton farmers already are familiar with the LibertyLink trait, and now the same great technology is available to soybean growers. LibertyLink soybeans provide an excellent means to rotate nonselective, herbicide-tolerant systems, such as Roundup Ready, to effectively manage weed resistance. By rotating modes of action and chemistries, both technologies can be preserved, and weed resistanceproblems can be avoided or delayed.

"With LibertyLink soybeans, a strength of this system will be in the management of glyphosate-resistant weeds. In Missouri, it may have the best fit for those growers who are not willing to switch from soybeans to a corn/soybean rotation; hopefully it will let us get in there and clean up some of the resistant weeds that aren't being managed properly,” says Kevin Bradley, weed scientist at the University of Missouri.

In addition, the LibertyLink trait has been bred into industry leading genetics. In 2009 many varieties with important defensive traits such as soybean cyst nematode resistance, as well as resistance to phytopthora, frog eye, and other common soybean diseases will be available in a wide range of maturities.

LibertyLink soybeans available in 2009

  • Ignite herbicide and LibertyLink soybeans are the only nonselective alternative to the Roundup Ready® system.
  • LibertyLink soybeans will be marketed by more than 80 leading seed companies in 2009.
  • LibertyLink soybean varieties are high-yielding with no yield lag or drag.

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