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KINZE Offers New Planter Monitor Features

00:00AM Sep 19, 2008
An Farm Equipment Special

KINZE Manufacturing is introducing its new “Cobalt” planter full-color display and on-board management system. The system monitors seed population and accuracy, controls the planter's variable rate drive system using simple touch-screen manual controls and allows the operator to turn planter sections on and off, on the go, using a manual switchbox.

According to the company’s new product announcement, the new KINZE Cobalt planter display saves time and reduces guesswork while tracking an extensive list of planter performance data including seed population and spacing (by row), average seed population, average seed spacing, area, ground speed and target seed rate population.

Seed rate is controlled via pre-programmed settings (2) pre-determined by the operator. Color bar graphs display up to 36 rows simultaneously in front/rear or rear-only configurations.

The 6.5" (diagonal) widescreen color display comes in a sealed, injection-molded plastic housing with RAM mount, 1-1/2" mounting balls and 4" double socket extension arm. Harness, power cable, module switch box (with pre-programmed section control switches/master for hydraulic drive) and module power control relay are included.