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Latest Pull-type Haybine from New Holland

00:00AM Sep 15, 2008
An Farm Equipment Special

New Holland's new H7150 Haybine pull-type mower-conditioner will replace their legendary Model H1475. The new version combines the cutting capacity of a self-propelled windrower with the convenience of a highly maneuverable pivot-tongue hitch for fast, efficient haymaking.

According to the company’s new product announcement, the new tongue-mounted pivoting pump makes hook-up very easy: just drop in a hitch pin and connect the telescoping 1000 rpm PTO shaft to the tractor PTO. There's no need to lift a heavy pump onto the PTO shaft.

They say the pivot-tongue hitch design provides exceptional maneuverability and easy hook-up. The operator can mow on either side of the tractor, make square corners and tight headland turns, cut around field obstacles, and center the H7150 directly behind the tractor for easy transport. Easy adjustments give plenty of flexibility to adapt the H7150 to different crops and conditions.

At the heart of the H7150 is a New Holland HS Series Haybine sickle header -- the same high-capacity headers used on New Holland self-propelled windrowers. Cut widths range from 14' 3" to 18' 3" cut. The 18' 3" width provides 12% more capacity than most mower-conditioners, and even more than some self-propelled windrowers.

There's no worry about clearing tall windrows or obstacles with the 25 inch header lift height.