Leica Geosystems Offers QuickSteer Motor For Mojo Consoles

03:41PM Jul 09, 2009
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Older tractors now have a new retrofit option to add auto-steer functionality with Leica Geosystems' release of the QuickSteer motor. The QuickSteer motor can be added to a wide range of agricultural vehicles that do not have factory-installed steering kits, thereby allowing the use of an auto-steer system.
The QuickSteer motor is mounted on the vehicle's steering column and turns the steering wheel with a friction contact wheel. The QuickSteer is used in conjunction with the mojoGLIDE console for six to eight inch accuracy, or the mojoRTK auto-steer system for increased accuracy and repeatability.
The kit sells for $3,200 and includes:
• QuickSteer motor (with an integrated CAN-Bus interface)
• Universal mounting bracket
• CAN cable
• Power cable
• A replacement contact wheel
To increase organization in the cab, the QuickSteer motor features an integrated CAN-Bus interface. The mojo console provides nine-axis terrain compensation to improve accuracy when driving across sloping terrain.
The QuickSteer motor and mojo consoles can be moved between vehicles, which allows a single system to be used on multiple vehicles.

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