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LibertyLink Corn Remains Strong

00:00AM Sep 19, 2008

Giving you more Options in your rotation

"We've grown LibertyLink corn for a long time, so we're familiar with what it takes to make it work—the hot sunny weather, the right water volume. Here in the Red River Valley, we just started planting Roundup Ready sugarbeets in our rotation, and we want that technology to stay around. For weeds, our biggest problem is common ragweed, which is starting show tolerance to glyphosate. The LibertyLink trait is a great fit for us to manage weed resistance.”

Kenneth Packer
Agronomist & Farmer
Wolverton, MN

The LibertyLink trait in corn is one growers know and trust. With a wide selection of high-yielding LibertyLink hybrids available from every major seed company, there are many options to choose from, so farmers can find the right fit for their agronomic conditions.

All Herculex® and Agrisure® CB/LL hybrids contain the LibertyLink trait, and therefore have built-in tolerance to Ignite herbicide. Ignite herbicide is a powerful, nonselective, postemergence herbicide specifically formulated for use with all LibertyLink crops.

Ignite herbicide is tough on broadleaves, and with no documented weed resistance worldwide, it knocks out resistant weed species such as Palmer amaranth, waterhemp and common or giant ragweed.

"In certain areas we don't have a lot of issues with glyphosate resistance, and in some areas we do. But even in the areas where we don't have resistance issues, I think anyone would tell you the best defense against resistance is to never get it,” says Jeff Armstrong, seed production manager at Cullum Seeds LLC, Fisher, AR.

Experts say the best way to prevent resistant weeds, or at least keep them in check, is to rotate modes of action and chemistries on your acres. With corn, another factor determining planting decisions has been managing refuge spaces in Bt corn with appropriate areas of non-Bt refuge. LibertyLink corn, along with other LibertyLink crops in rotation, gives growers more ways to manage their acres effectively and conveniently.

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