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MF Touts New High Capacity Class VI and Class VII Combines

00:00AM Aug 18, 2008
An Farm Equipment Special

Massey Ferguson has extended its axial flow combine line with the introduction of its redesigned MF 9695 Class VI and MF 9795 Class VII combines, incorporating many of the features of their Model 9895, introduced a year ago.

According to the company’s new product announcement, the new models use only two augers with direct hi-flow unloading, providing the fastest peak unloading rate (4.5 bushel/sec.), fewer moving parts, less horsepower requirements, less fuel consumption, less grain damage, and less machinery wear and tear.

Kevin Bien, Massey Ferguson product marketing manager, says, “No other threshing system has been designed to be so simple – there are very few moving parts. This new grain handling system has taken out the need for a vertical auger that exists on most competitive models. Instead a 12 ft. cross auger feeds the 15 ft. high capacity unloader auger.”

A redesign of the unloading system created the world’s fastest unloading rate, which is 35% faster than the nearest competition. The Direct High Volume (DHV) unloading system has a 4.5 bushel/sec. peak and a 4.0 bushel/sec. average, which is the fastest in the industry by almost a bushel per second. This allows the operator to unload the entire 300-bu. grain tank in less than 75 seconds.

The Class VI and VII combines now use the same grain handling system as the Class VIII combines, giving farmers the fastest unloading rate of any combine available today. Offering a standard 300-bushel grain tank on both the MF 9695 and MF 9795; the 9795 also offers an optional 350-bu. grain tank, the largest in the industry for a Class VII combine.

During harvesting, the crop is fed through two full-width helical vanes. The helical vanes ensure an even distribution into the rotor head; this smooth process results in minimal crop damage and greater throughput as crop is fed 360 degrees into the threshing area. These new combines also feature a 140 in. rotor, the longest in the industry.

The high power, hydrostatic rotor drive offers automatic speed control, reversing and flexibility resulting in greater efficiency by moving materials quickly, using less horsepower and improving harvest quality.

Bien explains, “This patented front-feeder is positioned just below the rotor intake area. It runs at a constant speed and features opposed helical vanes that evenly feed the rotor and assure a smooth crop flow.”

. Engine options include a SisuDiesel™ Citius 84 CTA engine, Tier III diesel that delivers 300 hp with a power bulge of up to 321 hp in the Class VI, and 350 hp with a power bulge of up to 375 hp in the Class VII. The CAT C13 engine, delivering 425 hp and power bulge up to 459 hp, is featured in the Class VIII unit.

An optional auto lubrication system keeps the machine operating at peak performance levels by greasing 80% of the zerks automatically at pre-set maintenance intervals.