New Holland Agriculture on Track to Supply 1,250 Tractors to Iraq

03:12PM Jul 21, 2009
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New Holland Agriculture is supplying an additional 1,250 tractors to the Iraqi government to foster economic growth in the country. The contract signed on Jan. 27, 2009, between New Holland Agriculture and the State Company for Mechanical Industries (SCMI), a part of Iraq's Ministry of Industry, foresees the supply of complete built-up and semi-knock down units to be used to support the agricultural operations of SCMI's manufacturing plant in Iskandariyah, Iraq.
The first 400 of the 1,250 New Holland tractor kits have already been supplied to the plant, and more than 300 units have been delivered to farmers to use in the country's fields. An additional 200 tractor kits are on the way to the Iskandiriyah assembly plant.
New Holland Agriculture's specialists are providing the technical assistance to support manufacturing operations in Iskandariyah. The company is supplying tools to optimize production standards and the sales assistance to encourage efficient operations in the field for the farming community. Sufficient parts stocks have also been provided to ensure minimum machine downtime.

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