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New Johne''s brochure

00:00AM Sep 23, 2008

            A new brochure on Johne's disease is now available from the National Institute for Animal Agriculture (NIAA). "The testing brochure is written for the producer and helps producers become familiar with recommended testing regimen for the detection of Johne's disease in cattle based on herd type and testing purpose,” says Michele Vise-Brown, NIAA chief executive officer.
            Johne's disease is estimated to be present in 68% of U.S. dairy operations and in 8% of U.S. beef herds. It is estimated that one of every 10 cows going through a livestock auction facility has Johne's, with the vast majority of producers selling these animals unaware that their herd is infected.
            Johne's disease experts maintain that dairy and beef cows are leaving herds way too fast—before they are tested. Producers who have culled one or more animals for unresponsive chronic diarrhea combined with low milk production and thin condition should suspect and test for Johne's.
            To obtain your copy of the brochure, go to: