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New Name and Numbering System for John Deere

00:00AM Oct 17, 2008

Listen as Farm Journal Machinery Editor Margy Fischer, for AgDay, visits with Al Mennenga, of John Deere, about the new John Deere numbering system.

You may have noticed a new name-and-number combination on John Deere tractors. John Deere made this change to make their products more consistent across the globe. Margy Fischer, Farm Journal machinery editor,  has this report on AgDay to explain more…
"John Deere is a global company, with a lot of different equipment throughout the world,” says Barry Nelson, manger of public relations for John Deere. "We wanted everything to be consistent around the world.”
The new numbering system will allow farmers, mechanics and salesmen to easily identify three main characteristics of the machine.
For example, a 6115 D tractor is a 6 series, with a 115 hp-engine and falls into the D capability and price levels.
"Now you can look at the decal and know the horsepower right away,” Nelson says. He says as farmers become more familiar with the labeling system, they will easily understand the series and capability and price levels, as well.
Letters in the beginning of the alphabet are the more basic machines, compared to letters later in the alphabet that have more advanced capabilities.
John Deere says the name and numbering system will not be immediate for all John Deere tractors; it will be phased in over time as new product families are introduced.
-- Sara Muri, Farm Journal Business & Crops Online Editor
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