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New R6 and A6 Series Combines from Gleaner

00:00AM Sep 16, 2008
An Farm Equipment Special

Gleaner is adding to its 85 years of grain harvesting history, with the introduction of its two new transverse-rotor R6 and three axial-rotor A6 Series combines. Both will feature Industry-leading unloading speeds of up to 4.5 bushels per second.

Now productivity is further enhanced with new R6 Series innovations. A new cascade pan improves performance in high moisture corn and milo. New optional electronic chaffer and sieve adjustments maximize crop quality and minimize adjustment time. Longer unload augers offer a greater discharge height and reach, while the Direct Flow system averages 4 bushels per second unloading. Holding capacity is also improved with the 300 bushel bin standard on the R66 and the 330 bushel bin standard on the R76.

"Gleaner R Series combines with their transverse rotors have earned a reputation for consistent delivery of a high quality crop, and these changes will continue and enhance their reputation for innovation," says Kevin Bien, product marketing manager, AGCO Gleaner Combines. "While we remain committed to the transverse rotor concept, we are equally enthusiastic about improvements we have made to our economical, efficient and highly productive axial-rotor A6 Series."

According to the company’s new product announcement, with 52% fewer drive belts and 62% fewer drive chains than the competition, A6 Series combines offer the lowest upkeep costs in the industry. At the same time, the Controlled Feeding and Threshing System (CFTS) with its 360 degree rotor intake eliminates bottlenecks common to competitive axial-rotor designs.

New A66, A76 and A86 models boost throughput and efficiency. A new extended bar rotor offers more even threshing with less power needed. A bigger grain fill auger increases capacity on all three models. The A66 and A76 now share the high speed, Direct Flow unloading system and its two-auger design with the A86.

The innovative design first introduced on the Gleaner Model A85 reduces horsepower requirements and wear while helping preserve grain quality when compared to the competition's three-auger systems.

Bin-holding capacity is also impressive. A66 and A76 models are standard with 300 bushel bins that can unload in only 75 seconds. The 350 bushel bin standard on the A86 (optional on the A76) can be unloaded in only 88 seconds.

The fuel efficient and emissions compliant AGCO 84CTA Tier III engine powers all Class VI and Class VII models, delivering 300 hp (321 power bulge) in the R66 and A66 and 350 hp (380 power bulge) in the R76 and A76. The Model A86 uses a C13 engine that delivers 425 hp with a bulge to 459 hp. The AGCO engine's combination of four-valve per cylinder and cross flow head improves fuel/air mixing, while the Bosch common-rail fuel injection system controlled by EEM3 electronic engine management software delivers faster response and more power per gallon of diesel.

Gleaner says even greater productivity can be achieved in all five models with the AGCO Auto-Guide satellite-assisted steering. Free WAAS correction signals provide accuracy of up to 10 in., while local base RTK systems can deliver accuracy of 0.8 in. for almost total elimination of skips and fuel wasting overlaps.