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New butterfat champ

00:00AM Sep 24, 2008
New butterfat champ
MS Bayless Champ Flipper-ET, a four-year-old Registered Holstein owned by Derek Page, Mt. Vernon, Mo., has produced a record that makes her the all-time champion for butterfat production in a single lactation in the Holstein breed.
Calving at 3 years 9 months of age, Flipper completed a 365-day record on three times-a-day milking of 3,705 pounds of butterfat. She produced 64,130 pounds of milk and 1,891 pounds of protein, both of which rank Flipper first nationally for milk and protein in the senior-three-year-old division as well. She peaked at 242 pounds in one day.
Page said one of the funniest things about Flipper's record is that he didn't want her to milk that much because he wanted to show her as a three-year-old at World Dairy Expo. "We tried to slow her down by just giving her hay and grain,” Page said, "but she just kept losing condition, so we put her on a TMR and away she went. If we hadn't tried to slow her down, she probably would have set the all-time milk record too.”
Derek farms with his parents, Leon and Betty. The 100-cow Holstein herd has a rolling herd average of nearly 30,000 pounds of milk.