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New publication on odor control practices for Northwest dairies

00:00AM Sep 04, 2008

University of Idaho Extension has released a 23-page online publication for dairy producers on "Odor Control Practices for Northwest Dairies.”

Written by experts at the University of Idaho, Washington State University and Oregon State University, the publication focuses on the key issues of understanding odors, selecting odor control technologies and practices, developing odor management plans, and preventing or responding to complaints from neighbors.

Mario de Haro Marti, a co-author and Gooding County Extension educator for dairy/livestock environmental education, said he expects the publication to "give producers a better understanding of what's going on with odors on dairies—how to identify their sources and how to manage them.”

It describes mechanical, chemical, and biological methods of controlling odors and provides a comprehensive list of odor control practices and technologies that Pacific Northwest dairy producers can consider.

"There is not a one-size-fits-all solution,” said de Haro Marti. "Every site has its own characteristics and operations that determine which practices will be better for it. Our intention in this publication is to offer options.”

Other authors include Ron Sheffield, Pius Ndegwa and Mike Gamroth. The publicati on is available at no charge at

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