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Pioneer Rolls Out Higher-Yielding Beans

00:00AM Jul 14, 2008
Sara Muri, Farm Journal Crops Online Editor
Increases in soybean yields are just around the corner, due to a new soybean variety released by Pioneer this week. The new generation of soybeans, the Y Series, shows a 5% yield advantage against competitor varieties, according to Pioneer representatives.
Don Schafer, Pioneer Hi-Bred senior marketing manager, says farmers choose yield capability as the most-important trait when selecting soybean varieties, hence the heavy research on the trait.
Based on their research, Schafer says farmers should make an additional $37 per acre, due to yield increases.
Nationwide, Schafer says the new line of soybeans has the potential to add 19 million bushels of soybeans into U.S. production.
John Soper, Pioneer Hi-Bred senior research director, says the overall goal is to double the rate at which Pioneer is bringing yield gains to producers. "We want to increase soybean productivity by 40% over the next 10 years,” he says.
Pioneer plans to release 32 varieties of the Y Series for the 2009 planting season. The soybeans should be available in maturities ranging from Group 0 to Group VII. Farmers will be able to identify these varieties by the "Y” located in the variety number, such as 93Y70.
The Y Series soybean varieties represent the largest launch of products for Pioneer, in their 82-year history.

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