Protect Your Trailor From Your Truck

08:41PM Sep 16, 2008
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I wish I'd invented them. Rock Tamers are so adjustable; they will fit anything with a receiver hitch with a two inch stinger drawbar. And when you aren't pulling a trailer, they just slide off if you want them off. 

All the materials are top notch quality aluminum. It's not that often you can find accessories made this well. They are made in Colorado, just like me. Truck and SUV adjustable mudflaps. I've used them on Hummers and tall Dodge Trucks to the lowered SS Silverado.


 It's not the mud that does damage to your trailers. It's the pea size gravel being thrown at your trailer by your trucks tires at 70 mph on the road. Protecting your trailer, expensive boat, and your trailer wiring harness, it's a cheap investment for your trailers paint job, and it's future resale value.

Rock TamersWidth and height adjustment for any truck or SUV, availible in chrome or black, Style One size fits all from 66.75" to 93.75" width  The yoke fits 2 inch drawbar stingers. The drawbar attaches to your trucks receiver hitch.
Everything you need for installation including a hole punch for the template height adjustment holes. Start your install with the chrome plated yoke on your 2" ball drawbar. Add the stainless steel plates on the flaps. The yoke has three set bolts to clamp the aluminum tube. The bump on the end is rotated to the side and keeps the tube from pulling out. Heavy tube aluminum supports the mudflaps. Just size the mudflaps to what length you need and cut the template lines and holes.

Sleeve slides over pipe for adjustment from 66.75" to 93.75" for compact trucks to duallies. Rock Tamers have plastic protective caps on each end of the aluminum tube. Inside aluminum tube adjusts to extend the mudflaps out and so does the sleeve the flaps are attached to. On the back of the mudflaps are vertical ribs that keep the rubber mudflaps stiff and pointing down.
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