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Quality Concerns Mount in EU

00:00AM Sep 04, 2008

Pro Farmer Editors


The U.S. ag attache in the EU-27 says while expectations for the size of the EU-27 grain crop have again been revised upwards, to 300 MMT, this month, quality concerns are mounting. Within this total, wheat production is put at 146 MMT and barley production is expected at 63 MMT.

The attache says yield forecasts remain good, but weather related delays to the progress of the harvest, most notably in the north, are causing some concern for the quality of the crop that remains in the ground. "Weather over the next few weeks will largely affect milling quality of small grains while total tonnage should remain at or above levels reported here," says the attache.

In the UK, the attache says harvest is less than a quarter complete. "In contrast, this time last year less than a quarter remained in the field. That said, the winter barley harvest is complete and reported to be good in both terms of yield and quality while average wheat yields are thus far reported to be good," says the attache.

Link to full attache report.