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06:47PM Jul 29, 2008
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RTK Options Expand

Adopting precision agriculture technology can be similar to navigating a map—there are numerous ways to get from point A to point B. A new route is available now that Leica Geosystems has added a new platform to their No Drift mojoRTK. The system provides RTK guidance on John Deere tractors built with the AutoTrac ready CCD (Chrysler Collision Detection) steering system or the CAN-based system. The mojoRTK system can be connected to the original GreenStar system or the new touch-screen GreenStar 2600 monitor. If the operator already has the GreenStar equipment, they only need to add the mojoRTK console and base station to upgrade to RTK level of guidance. All users of mojoRTK have upgrades such as GLONASS satellites and 8- and 16-mile range extensions. Price for the two mojoRTK components: $12,980. For more, contact Leica Geosystems (877) 800-6656;

Aerial Imaging Service Flies Again

The aerial imaging service known as OptiGro when it was offered by John Deere Agri Services is now available through GeoVantage.

"It actually is the same company,” says Matt Herring, GeoVantage vice president of marketing and sales. "We sold the company to John Deere Agri Services and then bought it back.”

GeoVantage offers its high-resolution GIS-ready aerial photography and NDVI (Normalized Difference Vegetation Index) mapping services through local contractors around the U.S. To find a provider in your area, e-mail Herring at [email protected]. For more information about GeoVantage, visit For more information about using yield maps and NDVI mapping, visit, and search for "Road Map to Bigger Yields,” Early Spring 2008.