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Weed Management

00:00AM Sep 19, 2008
Managing resistance issues in fields has become a big challenge for farmers, and if it hasn't already, it will soon be affecting your planting decisions.

 "Resistant weeds are knocking on the door in North Dakota,” says Rich Zollinger, Extension weed scientist, North Dakota State University. "Farmers need to back out of that Roundup system and give Roundup a break.”

Zollinger notes that Ignite and Roundup herbicides are similar in use, even though they have different modes of action. He suggests growers know their weed pressures, know the strengths of their herbicide program and rotate chemistries to protect both yield and the future of the technologies.

"Ignite is a much-needed mode of action, and we needed another tool in the toolbox. It is certainly needed,” says Zollinger.

"More than ever, growers need to manage proactively against resistant weeds and protect the technologies that we have. With LibertyLink traits and Ignite herbicide available in corn, cotton, canola and soybeans growers have more options to rotate portions of their farm to a different weed management technology. Those decisions are no longer limited from crop to crop, but can be made on a wider scale based on weed pressures.”

Andy Hurst
Bayer CropScience product manager for
Ignite herbicide and herbicide-tolerant traits

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