Yields Prove to be a Mixed Bag

08:52AM Dec 08, 2008
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Yields this farming season varied as much as the weather, according to reports from AgWeb's Crop Comments. Farmers from across the U.S. reported everything from bin-busting yields to levels that were barely worth dragging the combine out.
See where yields stacked up in your corner of the country.
  • 11/25 - Northern Kossuth County, Iowa: We feel good to get 90% of the tillage done so we have a chance to get better yields next year. This year's were very disappointing, 160 bu./acre avg. over 2,000 acres mostly corn on corn.  It ranged from 110 - 190, the 110 was on a corn on corn field that was applied with manure but didn't have any fall tillage done to it.  The beans were good 53 - 62, the lower yields were Vistive for us.
  • 12/01 - Winona County, Southeast Minnesota: Beans ran from 20 bu. to 70 bu. per acre, and averaged 49 bu. on 750 acres. Corn stood well also this year. Yields ran from 120 bu. to 200+ bu. per acre, and averaged 174 bu. on 750 acres. 
  • 12/04 – South Central Minnesota: Hard to find any corn left. Some were done a month ago and some just finished before the snow over Thanksgiving. Corn yields were good but not great, and varied quite a bit.  Beans were disappointing. 
  • 11/25 - Rice County, Southern Minnesota: Corn is mostly done. Some farmers have a few acres left. Corn yields were all over the place, 50-200 in the same field. Soybeans where very disappointing, averaging 39 bushels an acre.
  • 11/25 - Pemiscot, Missouri: The crops are all out here the cotton was very good to average about 1,400 lbs around southern Dunklin County to about 700 lbs around the gumbo. Soybeans were the best we had in years, dry land was making 45-60 with some irrigated running in the 60 to 80 bushel range. Rice was off a little with the cool fall and the wind we got from Ike yields from around 120-180 bpa. 
  • 11/25 - West Central Missouri: We finished harvest and drilling wheat over the weekend. Best corn was planted in late June-yielding less that 90. Beans were from 47 for the earliest planted in late June to 13 for those planted mid July. 
  • 12/02 - Saline County, Northeastern Nebraska: Harvest is over here. Has been a different kind of year. Corn not so bad, but still cut yields greatly. I'd say dryland corn yield from 120 to 180. Beans from 40 to 50 bu./acre.
North Dakota
  • 11/26 - LaMoure County, Southeast North Dakota: Interesting year! Hard red spring wheat crop was excellent.  Soybean yields were below average, 25-30 bu./acre. We finished combining corn last week. Yields were above average, 160 - 170 bu./acre. 
  • 11/25 - Walsh County, Northeast North Dakota: I hand shelled some corn over the weekend---still at 35% moisture. We may have to wait till spring to get the corn.  Made a pass in the sunflowers this afternoon......still small chucks of ice in the sample, coming from the ice storm we had 2 weeks ago. Hope they zero out the crop so we can quit trying. Yield on the 170 acres we did combine before the ice storm was excellent, about 2,000 lb/ac.  North Dakota probably has a couple million acres of corn still in the field. 
South Dakota
  • 11/30 - Grant County, Northeast South Dakota: Yields on our farm ranged from 20-40 in beans with a 28 bushel average (500 acres). The corn will average 70 (500 acres). This has been a tough and disappointing year, now with the markets and financial turmoil; I am hoping to put 2008 behind us.
  • 11/26 - Northwest Wisconsin: Beans were consistently very poor. Average 21.85 across 2,000 acres. Varied from 9 to 38 bu. per acre. Our corn harvest is about done with yields averaging around 120.