HSUS: Livestock Producers have an Image Problem

October 27, 2011 09:26 AM


Americans will never believe livestock producers care about animal welfare. Or that’s the message Paul Shapiro, Senior Director of Farm Animal Protection at the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), shared with food security advocates at the 2011 Food Summit in Chicago yesterday.
Shapiro addressed the topic by bringing up the common debate of tail docking in the dairy industry. He said that it is an industry-wide problem requiring attention. He said that tail docking does not lead to cleaner udders and increased milk production and cited several sources who agree docking the tails of dairy cows is not beneficial. "The science is overwhelming but the industry continues to engage in this practice."
He said that, similar to tail docking, the meat, dairy and egg industries need to realize that practices like gestation stalls and caged laying hens are out of step with mainstream American values of how animals should be treated. "This isn’t rocket science. It is common sense," he said. Continuing to raise livestock in a way that Americans will never believe is humane is "just not a good strategy."
Shapiro would like to see other segments of the livestock industry come to similar agreements like the United Egg Producers did with HSUS in May but does not believe that pork and beef producers will ever be on board.
Listen to this portion of Shapiro’s presentation and check back for more coverage.



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10/28/2011 04:15 PM

  The advance of the modern animal rights movement: Meat consumption is usually associated with the wealth of a country. It was not until the 20th century with more production and better production that made meat available for everyone in the USA. Ideas about social progress emerged along with social "good" from ideas of philosophical utilitarianism, natural law and socialism. With this rise during the 70s the vegan animal rights organizations really stepped their campaigns up in their march for a "civil society. This was also a time of varied "rights" groups. This also brought about animal rights and the concept of animal should have rights since they feel pain and the non use of any animal is seen as social progress. Herein we see Social progress HSUS has a concept of the world as a global social system and has become increasing involved as NGOs in the UN and the World Trade Organization. HSUS and other animal rights groups and environmentalist are also members of the United Nations. This for many is becoming - not a good idea, at least those who enjoy bacon or eggs, or a steak once in a while. Google Agenda 21, as this is a plan for our one world governemnt and has already been implemented in every town in every state in the USA Through ICLEI. (Agenda 21 googled will explain ICLEI) Many cities and towns have pulled back from Agenda 21 and their participation in the "one world government" of which HSUS and Humane Society Internal are a part of and have a voice to make social progress. In other words they have their finger in every pie around the world. Google Supreme Master TV and search for Michael Greger and Wayne Pacell. This is a 24 hour televised station which goes to 64 countries throughout the world. That is difficult to compete with it all, trying to tell the puplic that people who raise and kill "food for meat" that they are good folks, and care for their animals! It is really time for people to let their government representatives know how much money that the HSUS has squeezed from our government through the State Department in grants they use in Central America through HSI, and each time HSUS sues a USA government agency, guess who pays their attorneys. We do. Seems they always petition the court for attorney fees. I really believe that all people who deal in any way with animals, whether it be farmers or dog owners, people who raise rabbits = anyone should start contacting our officials with the truth.

10/31/2011 06:10 PM

  Apparently they have never been hit in the side of the face with a "muddy" tail....too bad might knock some sense into them.

10/31/2011 06:10 PM

  Apparently they have never been hit in the side of the face with a "muddy" tail....too bad might knock some sense into them.


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