A Growing Thirst For Barley

12:51PM Apr 02, 2018
The USGC expects food barley imports from the United States to Japan could double in 2017 to 20,000 metric tons (919,000 bushels).
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The NAFTA renegotiations are covering a lot of ground. 

Things such as manufacturing and agriculture come to mind when thinking about the renegotiations. 

Beer might not be one of the things one thinks about, but Mexico prefers U.S.-grown malt barley, a key ingredient in the growing demand for the increasing number of microbreweries in Mexico.

That trend in the U.S. is increasing in strength, and a small region in the eastern U.S. is trying to capture from the western U.S.

Watch the story on U.S. Farm Report above.

3/31/18 A Growing Thirst For Barley