A Good Example of Father-Son Succession Planning

06:20AM Dec 17, 2010
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Alan Kemper, a soybean, corn and cattle producer from Lafayette, Ind., says successfully transferring the farm from his generation to his son has been a top priority.

His son, Bryan, went to college and worked off the farm for a few years. Alan says those opportunities gave Bryan the perspective that he really wanted to come back to the farm.
Now back, Bryan and Alan run the farm as a partnership, which has created a lot of opportunities.
Together, they have identified the goals of their farms and work together to achieve them.
“For the younger generation, it is more about money,” Alan says. “For my time in life, it is more about relationships. At the end of the day, what are you going to be known for?”
Listen in as Kemper describes the succession plan in place on his farm.