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Achieve More Goals, Faster

05:00AM Apr 19, 2019

Sara Schafer( AgWeb )

What will 2019 hold for you and your farm operation? I’m sure you have no lack of great ideas and goals for your operation, even amid what looks to be a challenging year or two. So how will you push your farm business to a new plateau of success?

Focus on idea execution, encourages Brian Moran, a productivity expert, author and consultant. For the past 30 years, he has worked with companies such as Allstate, Merrill Lynch, Papa John’s, Nationwide and State Farm in the fields of leadership and execution.

“Great ideas are worthless unless they are implemented,” says Moran, author of “The 12 Week Year: Get More Done in 12 Weeks than Others Do in 12 Months.” “Most people plan, few people implement,” he says.

Extreme Focus. Business leaders will always have longer to-do lists than they can realistically achieve, Moran explains. So, they must develop a clear vision and prioritize accordingly.

Determine a short list of key goals for your business that are more important than anything else. Will this year be when you beat your previous cost of production levels or reduce employee turnover? Think about where your team’s efforts will have the strongest ROI.

“Less is more,” Moran says. “Most plans have too much in them. One goal is better than two and two goals is better than three.”

Without a focused objective, people easily gravitate to what they’ve always done, Moran says. A leader’s role is to set a practical but demanding timeline around these few important goals.

Think of a year as 12 weeks instead of 12 months, Moran encourages. Set weekly meetings and metrics, not monthly ones. Morph your conceptual plans to tactical ones instead.

“In an annual cycle, there’s no sense of urgency, but when you embrace 12 weeks as the year in your thinking, everything changes,” he says. “It’s nothing magical, it’s just that more important things get done faster.”

You can learn more about how to speed up your execution timeline in Moran’s book. But the concept is simple: Set clear goals, plan each week to achieve important steps, frequently assess your progress and hold yourself and your team accountable in moving toward your goals. Also, remember you have control over your actions, not the outcomes.

“Tiny little actions can have a profound effect when repeated time and time again,” Moran says.