Actions Speak Louder Than Words: Put We Care Initiatives to Work

12:47PM Mar 31, 2020
Chris Hoffman
( Farm Journal's PORK )

When Chris Hoffman realized that his neighbors truly didn’t understand pig production, he decided it was time to start talking about the We Care initiatives more. He wanted to help his friends and community recognize the pork industry’s values of food safety, animal well-being, our people, community outreach and protection of both the environment and public health.

But he has learned that talking about it isn’t enough. 

“When you share the We Care attributes, it sounds good to people. But they really don’t know what it means,” said Hoffman, recently named America’s Pig Farmer of the Year.

We Care is a mindset that you live out each and every day. Demonstrate animal care by taking good care of your animals and your farm, Hoffman said. Demonstrate giving back to the community by doing your part to help others in your area. 

“We've worked really hard to interact with the community and talk about the things that we do on our farm as well as try to give back,” he added. 

For example, during the Christmas holiday, he promoted the “Give a Ham” project and a local radio DJ had fun taking this project to the next level. 

“We were calling people out on the radio and then people were calling other people out. Before you knew it, the community was giving hams and embracing each other,” Hoffman said. “It was one of those wonderful things to watch the community come together, people were talking about it for months afterwards.”

Ultimately, We Care strives to show the community that pig farmers care, he said, from helping people going through tough times in life to showing people what pork production is really all about.  

Watch an interview with Hoffman here.

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