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Add Value to Your Auction Listings

10:56AM Feb 16, 2012


You can add dollars to the final sale price of your auction items by the information you include the listing. At the National Farm Machinery Show, Greg Peterson gave a seminar to help farmers understand today’s used equipment market and auction price data.
"Pictures are great, but the background of the machine is better," says Peterson. Known as "Machinery Pete," he reports auction data and compiles databases to look at used equipment price trends.
He says to include your ownership record, so if you are the first owner or the fifth owners who has had the machine for 12 years, include that.
Also, add any information of the service records and include a note that you can email pictures of the service records.
"It’s not the age of the equipment that is driving its price," he says. "It’s the quality of the equipment and how well it has been maintained."
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