Aerial Sprays

March 20, 2012 11:56 AM

App Name:

Aerial Sprays




App Features:

The USDA’s Aerial Application Technology team developed this app, which allows aerial applicators to easily predict spray droplet size parameters based on their specific setup.


Potential Uses/ Testimonial:

Select from the 19 nozzle models available for use, including 10 nozzles for fixed-wing aircraft and 9 for helicopters. Calculate results based on variable airspeed ranges. Spray droplet size is based on the following four factors: nozzle orifice size, nozzle orientation, spray pressure and airspeed. These models have been available for several years as a series of downloadable spreadsheets. This app has utilized those spreadsheets to make them more mobile and with a streamlined interface. Users are able to review, save and share results as needed. 


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