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Ag Left 'Holding the Bag' by Farm Bill Defeat

14:27PM Jun 20, 2013
p13 Farm Bill Uncertain

As news that the U.S. House had rejected the farm bill spread, members of the agriculture industry shared their thoughts on the decision. The following is a sampling of those remarks.

"Failure of the #farmbill may be disappointing, the fact that the Fed Govt has that much influence over #ruralag is more disappointing IMHO." –Larry Olberding Jr., immediate past president, Washington Cattlemen’s Association via Twitter (@TheDailyCowman)

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"The saying goes: you reap what you sow – and opportunistic politicians found out the hard way that the massively expensive, subsidy-stuffed, Farm Bill was not a viable crop. Taxpayers, as well as fans of open, accountable government, will be glad to see this command-and-control boondoggle wilt."
-Nan Swift, federal affairs manager, National Taxpayers Union

"Today’s failure leaves the entire food and agriculture sector in the lurch. Once again, the nation’s soybean farmers and the 23 million Americans whose jobs depend on agriculture are left holding the bag."
– Danny Murphy, president, American Soybean Association

"The National Corn Growers Association is extremely disappointed to see the House of Representatives fail to pass the 2013 farm bill. Up to the last minute our organization has actively and consistently called for passage of the legislation. We will be engaged in all efforts needed to secure passage in the House and bring the bill to Conference." – Pam Johnson, president, National Corn Growers Association

Listen in as Farm Journal Radio's Pam Fretwell talks with Gary Marshall of the Missouri Corn Growers Association:

"Twice the Senate has overwhelmingly passed a bipartisan Farm Bill that reforms farm programs, ends direct payments, cuts spending, and creates American agriculture jobs. The House needs to find a way to get a five-year Farm Bill done. The Speaker needs to work in a bipartisan way and present a bill that Democrats and Republicans can support. He could start by bringing the Senate bill to the floor for a vote. Maintaining the status quo means no reform, no deficit reduction, and further uncertainty that slows growth in our agriculture industry. This is totally unacceptable." – Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D-MI), chairwoman, U.S. Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry

"I voted against the #FarmBill that would have cut $20.5 billion from #SNAP. I was pleased to see these cuts did not pass the House." – U.S. Rep. Adam Smith (D-WA) via Twitter (@Rep_Adam_Smith)

"With deep cuts to food assistance, I voted against Farm Bill, which would have left many hungry. #FarmBill fails." – U.S. Rep. Lloyd Doggett (D-TX) via Twitter (@RepLloydDoggett)

"The House has rejected #FarmBill and its harmful #SNAP-slashing amendments. Thanks for making your voices heard! #SNAPworks" –The Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism via Twitter (@TheRAC)