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AgDay Daily Recap - July 30, 2012

10:57AM Jul 30, 2012

JULY 30, 2012


Good morning I’m Clinton Griffiths. With little good news in crop and drought conditions, one of the big analytical firms revises its grain forecasts.


This afternoon, USDA will release its latest crop progress report.  We've had nothing but a steady decline in major crops and rangeland since May. A third of the Midwest states and 40% of the high plains are in extreme drought. We have drought-watch team coverage this morning, including national reporter Tyne Morgan reporting from Florida. But we'll begin with Linda Russell in southwest Missouri where wells are running dry.


Last week Missouri Governor Jay Nixon announced an emergency program intended to help farmers and ranchers get water. Linda Russell from affiliate KYTV in Springfield, Missouri has our story.


The ongoing drought is poised to devastate the Missouri dairy industry. That's according to the state's own dairy association.


Now to Florida. Last year a good hay crop allowed farmers to provide bales to hard-hit Texas ranchers. This year, however, those bales are staying closer to home.

We've heard about Illinois and Indiana farmers mowing down their unproductive corn crops. Others are chopping for silage, but some have actually started harvesting for grain. Mike Hoffman has proof in cropwatch.


The American Farm Bureau is warning elected leaders about the dangers of inaction on America’s federal estate taxes. In 2013 the estate tax exemption shrinks back to 1 million dollars per person with no spousal transfer and the top tax rate increases to 55 percent.


In agribusiness today - as we told you at the beginning of the show, Informa economics made a big cut to its forecast of this year’s corn crop.It lowered their average corn yield by 8 bushels an acre, ending at 134 bushels an acre. In this morning's analysis, Farm Director Al Pell discusses demand rationing.


If you're sitting at home watching, do yourself a favor and standup for this next story. While it may seem harmless to take a load off, there's growing evidence that too much sitting is bad for your health. Clark Powell explains why doctors are taking a stand in this report from the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center. Doctors say sitting too long can also increase cholesterol.


In food and your family, what do you think is more healthy? Vegetable oil, or soybean oil? If you didn't know vegetable oil is mostly made up of soybean oil, but apparently what you call matters. And if you're losing weight and want to keep it off, dieticians say portion control is the key, and that includes healthy foods. Registered dieticians with Loyola University say many people sabotage their weight loss efforts by eating too much of healthy foods. Even fruits and vegies can cause weight gain--it's all about calories or energy in and energy out. The one exception, non-starchy vegetables--their higher in water and fiber.



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