AgDay Daily Recap - May 14, 2012

10:57AM May 14, 2012
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MAY 14, 2012


In other trade news strong demand from China and Japan helped push pork exports during the first quarter of this year. The US meat export federation says US pork exports in the first quarter were 8% higher in terms on volume and 20% higher in terms of value than last year's record pace. Their report is based on data provided by the USDA. Meanwhile beef exports rose 4% in value, but were down 10% in volume during the first three months of this year. March was especially noticeable with the amount of beef exported down 23% from a year ago.


Arkansas ranchers and farmers are fighting to hold onto their livelihoods. And their neighbors in Missouri are watching close. Armyworms have launched a raid on pastures and crops at a record pace. Emily Wood from AgDay affiliate KY3 TV has more on how producers are coping with the problem. The Missouri extension says fescue seed and wheat producers should also be watching closely because large numbers not only defoliate the plant, but they can clip heads as well. Dusk or dawn is the best time to be scouting for true Armyworms because the young larvae are typically night feeders. Once the moths move into an area, they lay their eggs and it may take two to three weeks for the young larvae to start doing damage.


Let's check out your first farm country weather on this Monday morning. For that, we turn to meteorologist Mike Hoffman.


Thanks Mike. Before we move along, we're sorry to report that a well-known name in AG journalism has passed away.  Stewart Doan - who was the senior editor for Agri-pulse died Thursday in little rock, Arkansas, he was 52 years old.


At colleges across the country kids are preparing for graduation in a variety of ways.  In the volunteer state, some are rolling up their sleeves to help clean up the Tennessee River. Chuck Denney shows us the results in this report from the UT Institute of Agriculture.



You've probably heard about children who swallow those small batteries from toys and remote controls, but no one really knew just how widespread the problem is. For the first time, researchers wrapped up a major study which looks at battery related visits to the ER. Clark Powell has details in this report from nationwide children's hospital.


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