AgDay Daily Recap -November 16, 2012

November 16, 2012 04:57 AM

NOVEMBER 16, 2012


Good morning I’m Clinton Griffiths. The 2012 drought is having an impact on credit conditions, but it's apparently not impacting the demand for good farmland. Breaking it down by states, Iowa had the highest year-over- year increase in the Chicago fed district. And Nebraska was the highest in the Kansas City district.


A House panel says former MF Global CEO Jon Corzine shoulders most of the blame in the collapse of the brokerage firm.


In other Washington news, USDA AG Secretary Tom Vilsack is urging Congress to get to work on a new Farm Bill. He told Reuters Wednesday the USDA will do everything it can to implement the new Farm Bill in time for the 2013 harvest next fall. In the House of Representatives, Ohio republican Jim Jordan says he's planning to seek a vote to separate the food stamp portion from the rest of the Farm Bill.


Cotton pickers will soon be parked in Texas. And the crop quality is mixed. Mike Hoffman has details from the lone-star state.


In Dairy Today, it's a tale of two stories for dairy producers across the country. And it all depends on whether producers are forced to buy feed.


Meanwhile, U.S. dairy exports continue its strong pace. According to the USDA producers have exported nearly 4 billion dollars worth of dairy products during the first 9 months of the year. That's up 12% over 2011. Cheese exports are up a staggering 21%, while nonfat dry milk is up 6%. Mexico continues to be the leading us dairy export destination.


FDA has approved a new drug to help control four major bovine respiratory disease pathogens. Bayer’s Baytril 100 has been approved for use in both beef and non-lactating dairy cattle.


In agribusiness today - Australia-based Graincorp is rejecting an offer from Agri-giant ADM.

ADM is trying to the buy company. Analysts believe the reason is so ADM can strengthen its position in Asia. ADM made a cash offer of $11.75 a share. Graincorp says that significantly undervalues its assets and prospects for growth.


Within the past few weeks there's been a dramatic improvement in the planting conditions in Brazil and Argentina. Chip Flory and Brian Grete join us from the pro farmer studios to look at the resulting changes to the soybean market.


Large-animal Veterinarians worry not only about the treatment of illness in herds, but also the prevention of disease. This is especially true in pig barns. Those social animals can spread a cold like a daycare for kids. In this "Vets on Call" report, we meet Doctor Paul Ruen - as he travels the backroads of Minnesota


In food and your icon of the lunch box may disappear today. The cake and vanilla creme filled Twinkie is caught in a labor dispute between the Hostess company the employees and their union. A Thursday 5 pm deadline came and went without striking workers returning to bakeries.


A new study published in age and aging finds that starting to drink milk at an early age can have lifelong benefits. The research found kids walked sooner, had better balance throughout life. For years scientists have known about the bone building benefits of milk. But this is the first study to find physical performance benefits can last a lifetime.



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