AgDay Daily Recap -October 31, 2012

10:57AM Oct 31, 2012
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OCTOBER 31, 2012


Good morning I’m Clinton Griffiths. As the east coast continues to recover from Superstorm Sandy, financial markets and the federal government took another un-planned day off.


To give you a sense of just how big and far-reaching Sandy is, we want to take you to southwest Michigan along the shores of Lake Michigan. It's about 750 miles from New York City to the city of St. Joseph, Michigan. Take a look at this footage provided by our affiliate in South Bend, Indiana. This is a lighthouse along the Lake Michigan shoreline in St. Joe. As you can see, it was getting pounded yesterday. Winds were coming out of the north, gusting to about 40 miles an hour, creating 18 foot waves. The outer light stands 35 feet tall. The inner is 57 feet tall. It's not un-heard of to get waves that high on Lake Michigan, but the fact they are the result of a tropical system - that's what makes it so extraordinary. Meteorologist Mike Hoffman has been on-top of this storm since the beginning. He joins us from the AgDay weather-center with this morning's cropwatch.


Meanwhile storm damage to Jamaican agriculture could hit a billion dollars. The country's Minister of AG says banana farms were especially hard hit by Hurricane Sandy last weekend. An estimated 15-hundred hectares - about 37-hundred acres - were destroyed by the storm. According to a Jamaica newspaper those damage estimates do not include losses of livestock, which are said to be extensive.


In the southwest, Arizona voters have a big decision on the ballot. On Tuesday they'll vote on whether federal lands including the Grand Canyon belong to all Americans or just to residents of the state.


In agribusiness, while equipment sales remain strong despite the drought of 2012, it's having the opposite impact on certain agribusiness companies.


A word of caution should you visit Adams, Tennessee. It's in that small town where you'd better beware of the spirit Kate - more famously known as "The Bell Witch." In this report provided by the University of Tennessee, Chuck Denney says some local farmers say the Bell Witch is good for their business. Chuck says the Bell Witch story is the inspiration for the movie "an American haunting", which starred Sissy Spacek and Donald Sutherland.


In food and your family, global meat production is on the rise. The pace, however, is slowing.


If you've been spooked while buying Halloween candy this year because of the higher prices, you aren't the only one. The American Sugar Alliance says while farmers are getting less, consumers are being forced to pay more for sugar products.






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