AgPro Podcast: Dicamba Issue Still Looms in Arkansas

02:16PM Jan 09, 2019
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On the AgPro Podcast, voices from the industry asked, as a Certified Crop Advisor, what agronomic topics are you brushing up on this winter to prepare for 2019?

Sterling Clifton
Paragould, Ark.

Owner, Clifton Agronomics Inc.

A: The dicamba issue is still up in the air for next year. Currently, the cutoff is recommended with the state platform is May 20. The pesticide committee has recommended June 15. Farmers are up in the air about their seed—whether to plant dicamba beans or Liberty beans if they’re not able to use dicamba. Whatever is decided, I would like for it to get done as quick as it can get done, so guys will know what we’re dealing with. We’re also working on grid sampling—precision soil sampling—with probably half of my growers or more. We’ve been pretty successful, and growers are happy with it.

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