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AgPro Podcast: The Environment-Consumer Connection

14:33PM Oct 04, 2018

On the AgPro Podcast, voices from the industry asked, “Why is environmental stewardship important to your business?”


Betsy Bower
Lafayette, Ind.

Agronomist, Ceres Solutions


“The general consumer really wants to be closer to their food. They want to understand that the products they’re eating are produced in a safe manner—that we haven’t added crop nutrients at a higher rate than what the crop needed. It’s important all of the practices we do stay environmentally sound, and that will all be a positive message to the American consumer. While we can’t prevent a large rain or some of the environmental things that happen, we can certainly manage through some of those conditions so that we can have as healthy soil as possible while producing a great crop.”

AgPro Podcast with Ashley Davenport - Betsy Bower, Ceres Solutions