AgriTalk: China+Farm Bill+Immigration=Long Week Ahead

03:24PM Jun 18, 2018
( AgriTalk )

Trade tension with China isn’t easing up, immigration measures are being considered this week in the House, and both House and Senate chambers have a farm bill to work on—it is going to be a busy week in Washington.

Pro Farmer policy analyst Jim Wiesemeyer joined AgriTalk and host Chip Flory on Monday to preview the debate ahead. Below are some of the highlights of this conversation.

On whether the GOP has enough votes in the House to pass the farm bill:

“[House Ag Committee Chairman Rep. Mike Conaway (R-Texas)] told us that he is counting both the yes vote and the no vote ,” said Wiesemeyer. “He also said that it’s going to boil down to who is actually in town. He said he needs 215 [votes] if they were all there, but expects it to be a tight vote.”

Will Trump administration pull back on Chinese tariffs:

“It’s possible from what we have seen in the past,” said Wiesemeyer. “They [trade officials] want structural change in China on investment area and intellectual property. Obviously that won’t take place between now and July 6, and I don’t think that will happen, but we need a means to get there.”

On pressure on lawmakers:

“Recall what would happen with the Carter embargo,” said Wiesemeyer. “Each passing day of that grain embargo there was both farmer and rancher pressure, and economic pressure. Because of the economy and this, I think could be even worse if we got into a true trade war.”


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